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  1. I would like to see an article on children sleeping with parents and when they should be encouraged to sleep in their own bed. My granddaughter is 6 years old and still sleeps with her mom (my step daughter) , but at our house she sleeps well in her own bed. My children always slept well in their own beds without problems, although Sat mornings were a free for all on our bed,


  2. Hi my names alondra, i used to be a patient at choc oncology in 2006-07 and now i want to give back by creating an event where i can give out gifts that people are donating to me for that event i would love to do it a day or two before christmas and have face painting for the kids and snacks and a photographer. If you could please get back to me as soon as possible <3
    xoxo Alondra

    1. Hi Alondra. Thank you for your interest in CHOC! Please contact our Child Life Dept., who handles these types of requests at 714-509-8473.

  3. Hi, My three nieces 13,9 and 6 are way overweight and dont know how to help them! I’m not sure if they have any type of deficiency!
    Can u pls help me how nd where to guide them, i think that they need a specialist beyond a nutritionist or dietician… i know they are vunerable for heart disease or diabetes or,,,,,
    Pls help so I can help them

  4. My granddaughter began walking at 9 months. She really never crawled. She is now 16 months, walking everywhere. I noticed that her right leg is bowing. Is there anyway to stop bow legs? Should we see an Pediatric Orthopaedic?

  5. Today’s magazine in the OC Register has information on Choc children. One comment says, “4.5 million approximate number of children ages 12-17 who are already smokers.”
    My question, is this number of children in the U. S. or in the world?

    Thank yuou

  6. My 8 year old daughter has had knee and hip pain since the second week of January. She can’t walk or stand at times. Went 2 weeks like that. It’s coming and going now. And the last 2 days her back hurts and she’s thrown up. I’ve taken her to Loma Linda, but not getting answers. I’m wondering if I should bring her down to you?? Please help..

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