When Do I Take My Child to the Emergency Department?

Sometimes, deciding to take a child to the emergency department (ED) isn’t a clear-cut choice for parents.

In podcast No. 46, Amy Waunch, a trauma program manager at the Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department, helps clarify this question.

When considering an ED trip, Amy says parents should look for the ABCDs: an airway blockage; noisy high-pitched breathing; circulation problems, such as blood loss and extreme dehydration; or sudden disability, such as seizures or loss of consciousness.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the ABCD concept, as well as other elements of an ED visit:

  • common reasons for an ED trip;
  • what ailments can wait until the pediatrician’s office opens;
  • what to expect at the ED; and
  • what to bring to the ED – and what to leave at home.

Keeping Infants and Toddlers Safe in the Home

Children under the age of 5 are at the greatest risk for getting injured at home, says CHOC community educator Amy Frias.  Of course, the biggest reason is that’s where they spend the majority of their time.  Their curiosity and inability to comprehend danger are additional challenges parents need to consider.

In this CHOC Radio segment, Frias discusses the basics of home safety.  Before bringing a baby home, parents need to ensure the environment is safe.  Don’t wait until the little one starts rolling over or crawling — those milestones arrive quicker than parents think.

Listen to the segment for some helpful tips to keep little ones safe in your home.

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Welcome to episode #1 of the CHOC Children’s Radio podcast.

Professional surfer Lakey Peterson stopped by Seacrest Studios at CHOC to meet the kids and generously donate $1,100 to The Hyundai Cancer Institute at CHOC. In this interview, Lakey talks about winning the 2012 U.S. Open as well as her new DVD, Zero to 100, which chronicles her inspiring journey and charts the rise of one the most progressive women in surfing today. The kids were super excited to see her and ask her about her favorite places to surf, her other hobbies (playing acoustic guitar) and jumping out of airplanes!

Enjoy the show.