Care Package Ideas For Your College Student

Is your teen heading off to college this fall? College can be a difficult transition, even for the most well-adjusted young adult. In addition to keeping good communication with your son or daughter, sending a care package is also a must! This is a fun way to keep your student stocked with the items they want and need, as well as a great way to show you care.

Be sure to talk to your child and get input before sending a care package. Keep in mind the limited space they have and any items that they can’t easily get at school. Here’s a list to get you started:

• Bottled water
• Candy bars
• Canned soups
• Cereal and oatmeal
• Granola bars
• Chips
• Homemade cookies
• Ramen noodles
• Popcorn
• Pretzels or party mix
• Tea or lemonade mix
• Antibacterial gel
• Hygiene products
• Cleaning/laundry products
• Mini first aid kit
• Flash drives
• Emergency phone charger
• School supplies, depending on their needs/classes

Don’t forget fun items too, such as:
• Video games

• Movies

• Web cam

• iTunes gift card

• Fun mug

• Silly slippers

• Gift card to their campus store or gift shop

• Gift card to their favorite restaurant

• Favorite homemade snacks

No matter what you’re sending, make sure to add a personal touch. Include a hand written note, pictures, homemade cookies or anything else that will help your child feel supported and remain motivated to do well in school.

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