Tips to Prevent Common Sports Injuries for Female Athletes

Do you have a young female athlete at home? Check out this segment from American Health Journal, where Dr. John Schlechter, orthopaedic surgeon at CHOC Children’s, discusses how to prevent sports injuries for female athletes.

Learn more about the CHOC Children’s Orthopaedic Institute, ranked among the best in the nation.

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CHOC Sports Medicine Program Opens Irvine Office

With year-round sports participation and an intense competitive environment, Orange County’s young athletes are at greater risk for injury, particularly overuse syndrome.

Comprehensive sports physical therapy services are now available much closer to home for South Orange County athletes. The CHOC Children’s Sports Medicine Program has opened a new office in Irvine to provide sports medicine physical therapy for school-age children and precollegiate teens.

“We are addressing the many issues associated with competitive youth sports, including preseason screening for injury prevention, nutrition, sports psychology and physical rehabilitation,” says CHOC Children’s pediatric orthopaedic surgeon John Schlechter, D.O. “Our goal is to work in conjunction with primary care physicians in order to provide the best care for athletes.”

The CHOC Children’s Sports Medicine Program, the only one of its kind in Orange County, is supported by CHOC cardiologists, pulmonologists, allergists, neurologists and neurosurgeons.

To learn more about the services available through the CHOC Children’s Sports Medicine Program in Orange and Irvine, please call 714-289-4054 or click here:

The CHOC Children’s Sports Medicine Program Irvine office is located at 980 Roosevelt, Suite 100.

Safety Tips For Your Little Athlete

Before you head out to your little one’s game this weekend, check out these safety tips recommended by CHOC Children’s, in recognition of Youth Sports Safety Month:

• Make sure your child keeps hydrated.
• Have your child wear the proper gear for their sport.
• Don’t forget the sunscreen.
• Ensure that your child warms up before the game.
• Remind your son or daughter to treat other athletes and coaches with respect.
• Encourage good sportsmanship; emphasize learning and being part of a team are more important than winning.
• Check with coaches to make sure the team/program has emergency protocols in place.
• Most importantly, remind them to have fun!

Check out other sports safety guidelines. 

Learn more about the CHOC Children’s Sports Medicine Program.