Thank You, CHOC Nurses!

As if I needed an excuse to shout from the treetops how wonderful nurses are, it’s National Nurses Week!

When I hurt myself back in 1964, one of my strongest memories was how wonderful my CHOC nurses were. Today is no different: Nurses at CHOC are on the front line of care for patients, and their roles and responsibilities have changed dramatically through the years.

Let’s look at some pictures of CHOC nurses through the years.

4 thoughts on “Thank You, CHOC Nurses!”

  1. Thank you CHOC! 1998…The nurses in the Oncology floor and ICU…are amazing! My daughter DiAnna was blessed with everyone so caring. They took such good care of us! I am FOREVER GRATEFUL! May God Bless you ALWAYS!

    1. It’s our privilege to care for your daughter, Olivia. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. I started my career in the “CHOC ICU” in 1968. Pictures #3,4, & 5 were the combined Nursery and Intensive Care Unit. I have many fond memories, and wonderful friends from that time. Still at CHOC after 46 years, now as a volunteer. Simply the Best!

    1. Hi Carol, Thank you for writing — and for your many years of dedication and service! We love nurses and volunteers!

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