Tips to Keep Your Family Active During the Holiday Break

Be sure to check out the following tips to keep your little ones, and adults alike, healthy and active during the holidays.

• Play a game outside. Tag, soccer or touch football are always favorites.

• Hit the slopes. Go sledding or snowboarding at various ski resorts, just a couple of hours away from Orange County. Beginners are always welcome.

• Create a holiday-themed scavenger hunt using holiday items such as ornaments/decorations, gag gifts, candy and more. Get the family moving by placing the items throughout the entire house, even outside.

• Have a family dance party or competition after dinner. Laughing burns calories!

• Make holiday shopping an opportunity to be active. Walk as much as possible. Where possible in some shopping centers, walk from store to store instead of getting back in the car each time between stores.

• Take a walk or bike ride with your kids around the neighborhood. Your local park is a great spot, too. Don’t forget about your dog — take him along to get his exercise too!

• Try a fun exercise class at the gym instead of doing your regular workout routine.

• Use household chores as a fitness class. Assign every family member a task. Pick a favorite tune and turn up the music to get everyone going.

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