Keeping Kids Safe as They Walk to School

With the fall semester back in session, kids are out walking to and from school. To ensure safe journeys, it’s key that children and teens eliminate distractions, a CHOC community educator tells CHOC Radio.

In podcast No. 35, Amy Frias reminds parents that children should not play with phones or video games while walking to school, and also covers some other safety tips:

  • How to cross streets safely
  • When children can cross streets alone
  • Reminders for drivers

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Keeping Infants and Toddlers Safe in the Home

Children under the age of 5 are at the greatest risk for getting injured at home, says CHOC community educator Amy Frias.  Of course, the biggest reason is that’s where they spend the majority of their time.  Their curiosity and inability to comprehend danger are additional challenges parents need to consider.

In this CHOC Radio segment, Frias discusses the basics of home safety.  Before bringing a baby home, parents need to ensure the environment is safe.  Don’t wait until the little one starts rolling over or crawling — those milestones arrive quicker than parents think.

Listen to the segment for some helpful tips to keep little ones safe in your home.

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Getting Childhood Asthma Under Control

Childhood asthma is a relatively easy disease to control with the right teamwork between a child and his or her family, pediatrician and school. If not managed properly, asthma can negatively affect a child’s quality of life. They may miss a lot of school, be unable to participate in their favorite activities or have frequent visits to the emergency room or hospital.

In episode No. 25 of CHOC Radio, Dr. Stanley Galant, medical director of the CHOC Breathmobile, explains:

  • How asthma is now seen as a chronic disease rather than an episodic disease, making long-term disease management more important
  • The signs of asthma that parents and school nurses should watch for in a child
  • How parents can partner with their pediatrician to manage a child’s asthma
  • Simple changes to make in the home to prevent asthma attacks
  • The story of the Breathmobile and how it’s making asthma care more accessible for families in Orange County.

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Living with a Chronic Illness

Growing up is tough enough for teens and young adults, but living with a chronic disease adds even more complications, a panel of CHOC patients tell CHOC Radio.

In podcast No. 22, Cody, 23; Megan, 17; and Cole, 14 discuss aspects of life with a chronic illness:

  • The emotional impact of growing up with a longstanding condition
  • How an illness affects school, friendships and family
  • What advice they’d offer a newly diagnosed teen or young adult
  • Hopes and fears for the future.


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Anger management tips for parents

It’s perfectly normal for parents to get mad at their children sometimes, but anger can have a negative effect on a child’s development, a CHOC psychologist tells CHOC Radio.

In podcast No. 21, Dr. Nadia Torres-Eaton offers practical advice for parents to manage their anger:

  • how to reduce stressful situations at home;
  • what to do if a parent gets close to snapping;
  • how to head off potential outbursts; and
  • when to seek professional help

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