Urology: Then and Now

Urology_CHOCIt’s been fascinating to watch specialties evolve since I first became pals with CHOC Children’s – and urology is no different.

At CHOC, this special group of physicians, nurses and support staff care for children using a team approach and a patient- and family-centered care philosophy, all while striving for innovation.

More recently, CHOC’s urology team has developed a new technique that significantly reduces pain for children after urology surgeries. The technique incorporates a continuous infusion of local anesthesia following the procedure, and reduces the need for narcotic pain killers.

Even better, the anesthesia pump is a continuous drip contained in a pouch. That means that parents don’t need to worry about adjusting dosages and kids can move freely during recovery.

Also, CHOC offers the county’s only spina bifida clinic. It incorporates six specialties so that patients receive comprehensive care without having to schedule multiple appointments.


The CHOC Children’s Urology Center is committed to offering patients the very latest treatments in pediatric urology in a serene, healing environment. The team works closely with each child’s parents and specialists throughout CHOC to gain an overall perspective of a child’s diagnosis. In addition to being experts in pediatric urology, the team is dedicated to providing compassionate patient- and family-centered care.

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  1. My son will be needing surgery soon and I’m nervous. The new technique to use a continuous infusion of local anesthesia after the procedure is such a great idea. I’d hate to see my son in pain, but the thought of narcotics for him make me sick. I’ll be asking around to make sure the doctor we choose provides that.

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